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  • Photos of Valley of Orosi
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Valley of Orosi
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How to get there?
From San Jose, drive in direction to Cartago on the route #2. When you get to Cartago, take the exit for Paraiso on the route #10 and continue driving.

The peaceful Valley of Orosi offers many natural and tourist attractions. It is surrounded by majestic mountains full of vegetation and by the volcanoes Irazu and Turrialba.

From the Viewpoint of Orosi you can appreciate a wonderful panoramic view of the valley, a scenery you definitely shouldnt miss. This is a relaxing spot located 5 km from the center of Orosi.

In the town of Orosi theres the Colonial Parish of Orosi, which was built in 1766 by Franciscan missionaries. After it was abandoned and an earthquake damaged it in the early 1900s, a restoration process was needed and began in 1940.  It is made of adobe, lime and caa brava (type of tree), and has a brick floor and roof tiles.

Its front is facing east because it was thought that the image of Saint Joseph, in the main altar, enjoyed observing the beautiful mountains of the valley. This is the oldest parish of the country and the only colonial temple that is open to the public. It was declared Architectural Historical Heritage of the country.

Due to its many religious relics, the Religious Art Museum of San Jose of Orosi was founded in 1980 in the south section. Both the church and the museum were declared Colonial Historical Monuments.

The museum is divided in different rooms where you will find several things in each one. There are old paintings and liturgical ornaments in one room, and part of an old pulpit, a confessional, four candlesticks, a processional cross and a campanile in other one.

There are also old books, silverware and images of virgins and saints that are used for the festivities of Holy Week. You can find as well a dining set and a closet, a Franciscan cell and paintings of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Saint Michael and La Dolorosa.

This place was used by the Franciscans to teach abilities such as carpentry, ironworks, knitting, music and Spanish and Latin languages.
Since 2000, the Expo Feria Orosi Colonial is celebrated once a year, which promotes and rescues Costa Rican values and customs, and also helps the socio-cultural development of the Valley of Orosi. This fair invites tourists and families to have fun and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Here you will taste typical Costa Rican dishes. The main attractions are two contests that are organized in this town: the largest homemade bread and the largest tortilla. Theres a cimarrona (band made up of self-taught musicians that play the trumpet, saxophone, cymbals and drums) playing live music, horseback riding tours, artistic presentations, concerts and parades.

In Orosi you can also find a couple of water parks that have a set of swimming pools, some of which are filled by hot springs, and there are also areas to practice sports like soccer and basketball. This makes this place perfect for family trips, as well as its large green areas where you can relax.

You can also practice extreme sports like kayaking or rafting in the Rio Grande de Orosi. The rapids of this river are class III and IV. You can visit the Lankester Botanical Garden when youre on your way, and appreciate its wonderful collection of orchids and other ornamental plants.

In the nearby town of Cachi you will find the Cachi Hydroelectric Dam and its incredibly beautiful artificial lake. This dam is definitely a must-see; you can see the deep ravine on one side and its huge gates on the other. You might get lucky and see when the gates are opened. This is the largest dam in Costa Rica.

In Cachi you can also find the Casa del Soador (Dreamers House), a wooden cottage where sculptures of Jesus Christ are made using the roots of coffee plants. It was founded more than 15 years ago by the sculptor and professor of Fine Artes of the University of Costa Rica, Mr. Macedonio Quesada, who taught his children to follow his steps in woodcarving.

Here you can also learn about the hard work that is required for confectioning masks. You can purchase them at very low prices and also have a pleasant conversation along with a cup of coffee. They also design furniture on pre-orders.

Another place you must visit is the Parque Montaa Trucha (Trout Mountain Park), where you can fish in its lakes plenty of rainbow trout. Here you can appreciate nature in a peaceful way and go over some trails.

At the end of the valley you can visit the community of Ujarras, where youll find the Ruins of Ujarras. These are the remains of the Church of the Immaculate Conception for the Rescue of Ujarras, declared Architectural Historical Heritage. It was built between 1681 and 1693, and abandoned in 1833. The Virgin of Ujarras is considered the first patron saint of Costa Rica.

You can also go to a trapiche more than 100 years old. Sugar cane is processed here in order to extract its juice and produce a type of sugar. In this zone theres also a butterfly farm that shelters many different species. Here you can observe the life stages of the Morpho butterfly, among others.

In the surroundings you can find La Finca de Nano (Nanos Farm), a man that decided to leave the city and go live in the mountains, with no electricity but enjoying the occasional visits of tourists with whom to share a cup of coffee. You can learn about the process of growing coffee and also about the lifestyle of a peasant. Close to this house you will find a waterfall that is 22 m high.

This zone also includes the national parks Tapanti, Irazu Volcano and Turrialba Volcano.

Accommodations and gastronomy
In the Valley of Orosi there are different places to stay that offer all types of services and facilities. Some hotels arrange tours to the attractive destinations of the zone and also include meals in their rates.

Other places are all-inclusive or have equipped kitchens. Some hotels have their own restaurants and bars as well as large green areas ideal for having fun with your family and practicing sports.

You will find many small restaurants around the central square of Orosi that prepare local and typical Costa Rican meals.

Many restaurants that serve traditional and international dishes have opened their doors in the surroundings of the artificial lagoon. They offer a great variety of coffees and also have horseback and cart riding tours.

Lankester Botanical Garden (Botanical Gardens, Orchid Gardens)
the Lankester Botanical Garden is located outside Paraiso, Cartago, close to the Irazu Volcano and the attractive valley of Orosi, 1.360 meters above sea level in one of the most beautiful sceneries of the Central Valley.

The Lankester Botanical Gardens history goes back to the 1940s when the British naturalist and orchidologist, Charles H. Lankester, became (...)
La Casona del Cafetal (Costa Rican)
When you get to the Valley of Orosi, take the exit for Ujarras, pass by the dam of Cachi and drive for 2 km more. Valley of Orosi, Cartago.

In 1994 La Casona del Cafetal was founded to offer a gastronomic option in the Valley of Cachi, one of the most charming corners of the beautiful (...)
Where to go?
Irazu Volcano National Park
The Irazu Volcano National Park has four craters, 2 main craters (the main crater and another one (...)
Turrialba Volcano National Park
The Turrialba Volcano National Park is part of an area that is completely covered by virgin (...)
Tapanti National Park
The Tapanti National Park protects a great variety of ecosystems like moors, peats, swamps, (...)
Guayabo National Monument
This monument is part of the Central Mountain and Atlantic Slope cultural regions. It reflects the (...)
Pacuare River Forest Reserve
The Pacuare River Forest Reserve protects forests typical of the Atlantic zone. It also has a (...)
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Valley of Orosi
The peaceful Valley of Orosi offers many natural and tourist
Relax in middle of the rivers and nature of the Tapanti National Park
Octuber 29, 2012

In Tapanti visitors can enjoy a rich flora and fauna, representative of Costa Rica
Release your adrenaline at Explornatura
May 21, 2012

Flying through the trees, descending waterfalls, climbing rocky walls and walking across the mountain are part of the attractions you can enjoy at Explornatura
Activity program for the National Squash Fair
March 27, 2012

The squash is a non-traditional export product very important for the economy of Costa Rica
Celebrate the National Parks Day in Costa Rica
March 27, 2012

The main objective of the celebration is to project the need to preserve and use rationally part of the forests, wetlands and wildlife the country has
Ujarras celebrates the National Squash Fair
March 22, 2012

At the fair you can find different types of squashes, try dishes prepared with this vegetable, go to concerts and even children have an area for them
Costa Rica wins again the award to the best stand in Germany
March 19, 2012

The graded aspects to give the award were design, use of technology, service and the activities arranged to attract the visitors to the stand
Costa Rica is the fifth most ecological country in the world
March 08, 2012

One of the aspects that contributed with the choice was that the country produces very low levels of carbon dioxide, which affects in global warming
Campaign Costa Ricas Million Dollar Gift of Happiness starts its second phase
March 02, 2012

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Cartago, your new tourism destination
February 14, 2012

In this particular province visitors can enjoy active volcanoes, beautiful rivers, impressive valleys, incredible national parks and protected areas, natural hot springs and the nicest and friendliest people of the country
Costa Rican Tourism Institute guarantees tourisms safety
February 14, 2012

The ICT is working along the National Learning Institute for the formation of all the companies belonging to the hotel sector in the country: gastronomy, computing, hotels and English language proficiency