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Arenal - La Fortuna
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In these fertile plains of La Fortuna of San Carlos, the Arenal Volcano rises as an imposing structure with its almost perfect shaped cone and its constant activity. This intense activity makes this volcano the most active volcano in Costa Rica.

Since it awoke on July 29th, 1968, the Arenal Volcano hasnt rested at all, displaying daily one of the most impressive shows that Mother Nature has come to offer. The Arenal Volcano resembles a colossal lighthouse that can be easily seen from different points to the north and east of the plains, which are full of cultivated areas. There are also large livestock grazing areas surrounding the volcano.

The sceneries around the volcano are incredibly beautiful. It doesnt matter from where youre looking: from the town of La Fortuna, 6 km away from the volcano, or from the Arenal Lake, where this huge water mirror reflects each and every instant of activity, with the night as the perfect accomplice for appreciating a wonderful scenery.

The town of La Fortuna is medium-sized and its prosperity is due in part to the Arenal Volcano, because its responsible for the great fertility of its lands, which has ensured one of the highest productivities in the agricultural sector of the country.

This volcano is also a powerful magnet for all the visitors that come to Costa Rica, which has boosted the creation of hotels and the diversity of services in the zone. This is one of the regions with the largest offer in accommodations, which along with many attractions make the zone of La Fortuna Arenal one of the most dynamic areas of the country.

In La Fortuna you will find businesses related to tourism, clothing stores, bank branch offices, clinics, medical centers, supermarkets and Internet cafes, among other options.

There are many places to stay, such as large and medium hotels that have panoramic views of the volcano, which is the main attraction of the zone. In the surroundings of these hotels you can find many restaurants and also souvenir stores, tourist information centers and local tour operators.

The hotels inside La Fortuna are cheaper and are usually rated from one to three stars. Some have swimming pools, restaurants and other services. They have plenty of rooms and are very different from one another. Their owners are Costa Rican families of the region or foreigners that have fallen in love with the magic of the volcano and the zone.

The largest hotels, which have more services and facilities and are as well more expensive, are located along the road that goes from La Fortuna towards the volcano and its surroundings. They usually have a magnificent panoramic view of the volcano and in some cases a very close view, whether if its facing the green south and east sides full of vegetation, or if its facing the north side, which receives all the materials that the volcano throws, having no vegetation. Here you can find from cabins arranged in beautiful gardens to extreme luxurious hotels.

This zone has a hot and humid weather throughout the most part of the year, so the largest hotels usually have one or more swimming pools for their guests. They also offer other services such as restaurants, green areas and reserves with trails. Some have spa centers that provide treatments based on natural products that come from the volcano. Other hotels also have hot springs as their main attraction, which come from the Rio Tabacon. This river begins its flow from the Arenal Volcano.

The hotels here offer more than just a place to stay; they offer the unique experience of witnessing a wonderful sight of nature that can occur at any moment.

Between La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano, tourists have more than forty different options of places to stay that respond to everyones taste and budget.

In La Fortuna you can find many restaurants of several categories. There are small restaurants located in the surroundings of the park, which offer typical Costa Rican dishes, casados, pizzas and seafood. Other larger restaurants can receive large groups of people and have a more varied menu. 

These restaurants also serve typical Costa Rican meals, seafood dishes and the best cuts of meat.

You can also have Mexican, Chinese and Italian food in this zone, which turn out really well for an amazing dinner. Some hotels also serve both lunch and dinner, giving you endless options to taste local and international dishes. Theres also the buffet option for dining.

Just by staring at the imposing Arenal Volcano might be enough to experience an incredible feeling, and take with you an unforgettable memory of one of the most beautiful zones of Costa Rica. What might be surprising to you, though, is that the list of interesting and attractive sites of La Fortuna is just beginning with the Arenal Volcano.

In the surroundings of the town you will find the Catarata de La Fortuna, an impressive waterfall more than 70 m high in the middle of a wonderful natural scenery. This zone also has breathtaking hanging bridges with the volcano as the main stage, and also an aerial tram that takes you to one of the most exciting canopy tours in the country, while you appreciate the beautiful sceneries of the Arenal Lake.

You should definitely visit the Arenal Volcano National Park if you come to this zone. Its lava flows from the eruptions of 1968 and other subsequent eruptions are examples of the imposing power of nature. Horseback riding tours, walking and ATV tours are only some of the activities you can be part of in La Fortuna. Visiting the different hot spring resorts will turn out more than rewarding after a long day plenty of intense activities.

La Fortuna Arenal is one of Costa Ricas destinations with more options to enjoy the wonders of nature, which are only surpassed by the charms of their residents: simple and hard-working people used to the life near the volcano and thankful for all the blessings nature gives them every day.

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Arenal - La Fortuna
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