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How to get there?
Getting to Tortugero is more than an adventure. The best way to get to this paradise is to contact the lodge or hotel where youll be staying, since most of them have their own land and river transportation services.

The name of this place is immediately related to adventure, where you can appreciate one of the most beautiful and isolated natural sceneries of Costa Rica.

This is a paradise where channels of calm waters plenty of lilies and palm trees replace asphalt roads. Nature here is the absolute landlord with all its creative magic, and the visitors become the audience that observes every detail without altering the calmness of this green world.

Tortuguero is located in the very center of the Tortuguero National Park, in the middle of the Laguna Penitencia, fed by the Rio Tortuguero and the Caribbean Sea. A large net of artificial and natural channels connects here, forming a waterway from Moin, in Limon, to Barra del Colorado, close to the border with Nicaragua. 

The channels of Tortuguero are one of the most beautiful natural sceneries of Costa Rica, and their peaceful waters reflect all the dense vegetation, just like water mirrors. These waterways are full of life everywhere. The widest channels let the sun in, where reptiles lie under it on logs forgotten by the jungle, and the narrowest ones are refuge to hundreds of birds and other species on their constant journey through the jungle. These sanctuaries of natural peace allow you to become one with nature and admire all its details.

The town of Tortuguero is a picturesque community originally founded by carpenters, fishermen and marine turtle hunters. Nowadays these same residents defend and protect turtles and other animals, and are a perfect example of how a community can change its actions in favor of the environment, where both can benefit from them.

Accommodations and gastronomy
In the town you can find different options of places to stay, from cabins and bed & breakfasts to all-inclusive lodges located in the north section of the town. 

This small town, which is less than 1 km long, has charming samples of Caribbean architecture, with very fresh and colorful wood buildings. It has its own school, church and a handcrafts center next to the channels. Here you can find a few businesses, such as small grocery stores and mini markets where you can buy basic products.

There are around 20 different places to stay in town that have diverse characteristics and are the most accessible. Some residents offer rooms in their own homes, which make the stay more intimate, and this way you can get to know the customs of this region of the Caribbean. The cabins are the most popular, and have different sizes where they can host from couples to groups of 30 people. 

Some offer breakfast and a restaurant where you can have lunch or dinner. There are also bed & breakfasts, which are small hotels that usually include breakfast in their rates. All these places have fans, hot water and recreational areas, others have cable TV and the prices range from $8 to $50 per person. From these places you can easily visit the beach of Tortuguero, where you must be very careful with strong waves and dangerous currents.

Outside of town you will find the hotels or lodges, in the border of the Laguna Penitencia and Tortuguero, which offer all-inclusive packages of 2 or 3 nights. They also provide the transportation from San Jose or through connections with other tours in the land-water path of San Jose Cariari, or by plane from the Tobias Bolaos Airport to the landing strip of Tortuguero. 

The lodges are worried about their landscaping, promoting Caribbean architectural styles and introducing the rooms in the forest, with charming gardens plenty of tropical species. Here you can see howler monkeys, sloths and a great variety of birds. These hotels receive large groups of people and have swimming pools, bars, and some even have a small discotheque where guests can learn how to dance the hottest Caribbean rhythms. Just like the small hotels in town, these also offer many activities in and outside the area of the national park.

The town of Tortuguero has a very wide culinary offer for those who stay in town or in the lodges, with typical Caribbean dishes, Costa Rican cuisine, delicious seafood and contemporary cuisine that experiences with different tastes. If you visit Tortuguero from April through October you can take a tour with local guides to see giant sea turtles lay their eggs. 

Tortuguero is the most important beach for the spawning of green turtles of the Caribbean, and witnessing this gift of nature is one of the most attractive and fascinating activities of Tortuguero. You can also take a boat tour through the wonderful channels plenty of vegetation and fauna, or walk through the Cerro Tortuguero, which is the highest point of the North Caribbean, from where you can appreciate an amazing scenery of this region. 

There are many activities you can perform in this sector. You can also take a walk through the town and get to know each and every one of its picturesque details; visit the Turtle Museum in the Caribbean Conservation Corporation; and if youre looking for an adrenaline boost, take a canopy tour where you can travel 25 m above ground through exciting cables.
The residents of Tortuguero will make you feel just like home with their kindness and hospitality, typical of the Caribbean. Tortugero is definitely one of the most precious memories of Costa Rica you can take with you.

Where to go?
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The zone of the Caribbean, where Limon is located, has plenty of
The name of this place is immediately related to adventure, where you
Tortuguero now has eco-friendly facilities
September 24, 2012

Come to Tortuguero, destination that inspires adventure, where you can appreciate one of the most beautiful natural and isolated scenarios in Costa Rica
An agreement for implementing the Forest Conservation Program was signed
July 24, 2012

Besides improving the conditions of the different Conservation Areas and National Parks, they will invest resources in high-technology equipment to prevent forest fires
The project Costa Rica Verde y Limpia has already started
June 21, 2012

The cleaning has taken place in several locations, such as Tortuguero, Playa Azul, Garabito and Guacalillo, which can be visited as from September
Costa Rica, the perfect destination for birdwatching
June 06, 2012

Costa Rica has 880 resident and migrating bird species, 56 of them are cataloged as endemic
Dont miss great adventures during rainy season
May 29, 2012

A canopy tour, hanging bridges, horseback rides, hikes through trails and fishing are some of the adventure activities you can enjoy during rainy season
Celebrate the National Parks Day in Costa Rica
March 27, 2012

The main objective of the celebration is to project the need to preserve and use rationally part of the forests, wetlands and wildlife the country has
Costa Rica wins again the award to the best stand in Germany
March 19, 2012

The graded aspects to give the award were design, use of technology, service and the activities arranged to attract the visitors to the stand
Costa Rica is the fifth most ecological country in the world
March 08, 2012

One of the aspects that contributed with the choice was that the country produces very low levels of carbon dioxide, which affects in global warming
Campaign Costa Ricas Million Dollar Gift of Happiness starts its second phase
March 02, 2012

Starting on March 2012 and until February 2013, the campaign will keep the idea of selling the country as the place to share happiness
Tortuguero has 52 new local guides
February 23, 2012

The guides graduated on January 30th, 2012 and their purpose is to attract more tourists to promote and benefit the country