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How to get there?
From San Jose, take the North Pan-American Highway on the route #1 towards the town of Limonal. Now take the exit for the route #18 in direction to the La Amistad Bridge.

Cross the bridge and pass through the towns of Quebrada Honda, Tres Esquinas and Pueblo Viejo until you get to the route #21. Now drive in direction to the city of Nicoya, heading northwest, following the road and passing by Curime, Caimital and Belen, finally arriving to Samara.

It is a beautiful bay with golden sands, surrounded by a dry tropical forest that offers a great variety of places to stay and activities. Here you can relax and enjoy the peace and calmness of the zone and the available amenities.

The zone of Samara is surrounded by a dry tropical forest with yellow and brown sceneries. However, during summer this vegetation comes alive and displays magnificent green colors.

You can perform many different activities in this beach, from relaxing under the sun and walking, to snorkeling or diving. This way you can appreciate the beautiful coral reef and all the marine life that lives in it. Its waves go from soft to moderate, ideal for bathing and for beginner surfers. From its shore you can see the Isla Chora.

During winter, humpback and gray whales come to this beach and salute the tourists with their huge fins. From the beach, you can see them throwing their characteristic waterspouts through their blowholes.

Here you will find activities for everyone and also sites of archaeological importance and underwater caves. Samara is located at the base of a mountain, where you can also walk through some trails and go over the area.

The villagers shelter and protect the natural resources of Samara, and also ensure the safety of their visitors. This is why this beach was awarded with the Ecological Blue Flag. Samara is easy to access and has a landing strip in the southern part of the town.

Accommodations and gastronomy
In Samara theres a great variety of hotels with prices that adjust to the different needs of its visitors. Some places include breakfast in their rates.

Here you can rent charming houses for at least one week, which are completely equipped and close to the ocean. This is a very practical option for large groups of people that visit this beach during high season.

Theres a wide variety of restaurants that offer from European cuisine with Italian pastas and traditional Spanish tapas (appetizers), to sushi, Central American dishes and Costa Rican meals. Theres also an Argentinean coffee shop where you can spend a nice afternoon, and discotheques and bars to have fun at night.

In Samara you can find supermarkets and small grocery stores where you can buy food and supplies. There are also clothing and souvenir stores.

Where to go?
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Tourism in Beaches of Nosara is oriented to surf, yoga and health
Octuber 23, 2012

These beaches were awarded with the Ecological Blue Flag, which certifies high environmental and safety standards
Samara Beach, one of the safest beaches in the country
Octuber 05, 2012

In this beach, visitors can find a wide variety of exotic plants and animals, besides a beautiful picturesque island: Chora Island
Playa Carrillo is qualified as one of the best in the world
May 09, 2012

The magazine also mentioned the preference divers have for Playa Carrillo due to its natural richness, with plenty of corals and marine life
Costa Rica has 96 beaches with clean waters
March 30, 2012

The study is made every year to determine the level of cleanliness of the waters of 100 selected beaches
Celebrate the National Parks Day in Costa Rica
March 27, 2012

The main objective of the celebration is to project the need to preserve and use rationally part of the forests, wetlands and wildlife the country has
Costa Rica wins again the award to the best stand in Germany
March 19, 2012

The graded aspects to give the award were design, use of technology, service and the activities arranged to attract the visitors to the stand
March revives the celebration of the Battle of Santa Rosa
March 14, 2012

The events that took place on March 20th, 1856 must help us understand the present, built the future and keep defending the sovereignty of Costa Rica
Costa Rica is the fifth most ecological country in the world
March 08, 2012

One of the aspects that contributed with the choice was that the country produces very low levels of carbon dioxide, which affects in global warming
Campaign Costa Ricas Million Dollar Gift of Happiness starts its second phase
March 02, 2012

Starting on March 2012 and until February 2013, the campaign will keep the idea of selling the country as the place to share happiness
Las Baulas National Marine Park has new regulation
February 21, 2012

The objective of the regulation is to arrange the activities and general operations that assure the protection of the natural resources in the park, at the same time allowing the visitors to enjoy a protected area of global importance