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How to get there?
From San Jose, take the North Pan-American Highway (route #1) towards the city of Liberia and from there go to the Daniel Oduber International Airport until you get to the intersection for the route #21. Keep going south in direction to the town of Filadelfia where you should take the exit for Belen. Continue until you get to Huacas where youll find the road to Tamarindo.

From San Jose, take the North Pan-American Highway (route #1) towards the La Amistad bridge (route #8) that crosses the Rio Tempisque, about 10 km after the exit for Las Juntas of Abangares. Then cross the bridge and find the intersection for the route #21 heading north, passing through Santa Cruz. Theres an exit heading west in direction to Tamarindo. This last part of the way has some gravel roads so its better if you can make your trip in a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

This coastal region has amazing natural sceneries, where the sound of the ocean sliding through the sand invites you to relax and enjoy your summer. This is one of the main tourist destinations of surfers and travelers from all over the world.

This coast has golden sands and is located in the Bahia Tamarindo, in the province of Guanacaste.

The 3 kilometers of beach of Tamarindo are open-sea exposed, which produces strong waves ideal for surfers. Due to its popular point break, this beach has been host to renowned international tournaments and many surf schools have opened their doors to teach beginners of all ages.

Tamarindo is a multicultural community result of the migration of people that come from different countries around the world, mostly Italy and Argentina. They seem to have fallen in love with the beach and its dense vegetation, so they decided to stay. Tamarindo has its very own traditions, being definitely a unique mixture.

Unlike most towns near the coast, such as Villareal, Portegolpe or Santa Rosa, the culture of Tamarindo has been altered by the traditions of the nationalities of their residents. Its common to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, the Oktoberfest, the collection of Easter eggs and the European soccer tournaments.

Part of its territory includes the Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge, where you will find a wetland of international importance for the conservation of the flora and fauna that live here.

The refuge, along with the Las Baulas National Marine Park, located in the neighboring beach of Playa Grande, forms one of the most important nesting sites of leatherback turtles on Earth. This is important because unfortunately, these turtles are endangered. From October through March, the arribadas (arrival of the turtles) take place, where you can witness this impressive natural phenomenon along with a local guide.

Here you can practice sports such as mountain biking, canopying, sportfishing and windsurfing, among others. Many tours to the different interesting destinations of Guanacaste are arranged from here. Besides, theres also a party atmosphere that surrounds this beach. Many local and international tourists that are looking for fun gather together in different bars.

The center of the town is well developed and offers facilities for everyone. It has several shopping malls, beauty salons, spas and a video store. These businesses are displayed along the coastline, going into the forest.

This town has a landing strip for planes that part from San Jose or Liberia, making Tamarindo a destination that is very easy to access.

Its almost impossible to imagine that this well-developed city used to be an empty town where only a small group of fishermen used to live. It had a ranch made of palm tree leaves where you could purchase fresh fish.

Accommodations and gastronomy
There are options that adjust to the visitors budgets and offer all types of facilities. You have many options of places to stay, from hostels with low prices, ideal for backpackers, to large and luxurious hotels.

Among the hotels, there are international chain hotels inspired in nature that offer luxury services. There are also some cabins with more affordable prices.

Here you can find everything you need: from small grocery stores to buy last-minute cravings, like an ice cream or a soda, to large supermarkets with sections of imported goods, ideal for making a traditional Italian pasta.

The dining options respond to the international tastes of their residents and visitors. You can have Japanese, Thai, German or Costa Rican dishes. 

Italian pizzerias compete with French bread turkey sandwiches, and for dessert you can have a cappuccino-flavored yogurt ice cream with chocolate sprinkles and whipped cream on it.

Where to go?
Las Baulas National Park
The creation of Las Baulas National Marine Park served as protection to the population of (...)
Tamarindo National Wildlife Refugee
The Tamarindo Wild Life Natural Shelter protects a wetland that covers the 80% of its territory. (...)
Hermosa (Guanacaste) Beach
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Pietra Beach
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Panama Beach
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Coco (Ocotal) Beach
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Flamingo Beach
Its natural resources are abundant, that is why this beach hosts constant sport fishing (...)
Conchal Beach
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Ocotal Beach
This beach is surrounded by two rocky structures, Punto Cirial and Pico La Flor which are 80 (...)
Potrero Beach
This beach is located in a 4 km bay and is covered with light grey sand. A deep blue ocean (...)
Grande Beach
Between October and May you will encounter this amazing show of nature. This endangered specie (...)
Tamarindo Beach
It has big luxurious condos as well as a tropical dry forest, a mixture that appeals to nature (...)
Langosta Beach
Enjoy its crystalline waters as well as the natural pools that form during low tide, at the (...)
Coco Ocotal
Playas del Coco and Playa Ocotal are part of the Bay of Ocotal, which
Hermosa - Panama Beach
Just as its name implies, Hermosa (Beautiful) is a beach of
The city of Liberia is located among the plains of the province of
The city of Nicoya reflects part of the colonial history of Costa
Nosara - Azul Beach
This coastal zone has protected areas of great biological importance,
Papagayo is a natural scenery of an amazing and unforgettable beauty,
Rincon de la Vieja
This zone is part of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National Park.
It is a beautiful bay with golden sands, surrounded by a dry tropical
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz is one of the most attractive cities in the entire region
This coastal region has amazing natural sceneries, where the sound of
Leatherback turtles arrive to the beaches Grande and Ventanas
Octuber 26, 2012

The leatherback turtle is the largest of sea turtles, reaching 2 meters in length and a weight of more than 600 kg
Enjoy the strong waves of Tamarindo Beach
August 06, 2012

With a beach almost 3 km long, Tamarindo is the best destination for surfing, so make this destination part of your itinerary in Costa Rica, and enjoy the great nightlife of the zone
Costa Rica has 96 beaches with clean waters
March 30, 2012

The study is made every year to determine the level of cleanliness of the waters of 100 selected beaches
Celebrate the National Parks Day in Costa Rica
March 27, 2012

The main objective of the celebration is to project the need to preserve and use rationally part of the forests, wetlands and wildlife the country has
Costa Rica wins again the award to the best stand in Germany
March 19, 2012

The graded aspects to give the award were design, use of technology, service and the activities arranged to attract the visitors to the stand
March revives the celebration of the Battle of Santa Rosa
March 14, 2012

The events that took place on March 20th, 1856 must help us understand the present, built the future and keep defending the sovereignty of Costa Rica
Costa Rica is the fifth most ecological country in the world
March 08, 2012

One of the aspects that contributed with the choice was that the country produces very low levels of carbon dioxide, which affects in global warming
Campaign Costa Ricas Million Dollar Gift of Happiness starts its second phase
March 02, 2012

Starting on March 2012 and until February 2013, the campaign will keep the idea of selling the country as the place to share happiness
Las Baulas National Marine Park has new regulation
February 21, 2012

The objective of the regulation is to arrange the activities and general operations that assure the protection of the natural resources in the park, at the same time allowing the visitors to enjoy a protected area of global importance
Guanacaste will move to the rhythm of the II Guitar Festival
February 15, 2012

The event will be open for all audiences, where you can enjoy wonderful nights under a musical atmosphere created by professionals