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Bosque Eterno Los Niños
General information


The Bosque Eterno de los Niños is located on the Tilaran Mountain Chain, in the northeast part from Costa Rica, in the Alajuela province, at 50km from San Ramon and 105km from San Jose.
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The Bosque Eterno de los Niños is a private reserve created by a monetary campaign that started in Swedish and USA in 1987. Nowadays it receives help from all over the world, 44 countries have helped for the acquisition and protection of its lands.

The Bosque Eterno de los Niños was declared part of the Peace and Water Biosphere Reserve the September 18, 2007 by the UNESCO. It limits the Arenal Volcano National Park, the highest part from the Monteverde Biological Reserve and reaches the Alberto Manuel Brenes Reserve. Together with these and other reserves and national parks protects a total territory of around the 50000 hectares.
In here are found 6 of the 12 life zones present in Costa Rica and a great variety of documented habitats by scientific studies. It shares primary and secondary forest, as well as regeneration areas, with three forest types: always green seasonal forest, cloudy forest and non-seasonal rain forest (greatest part).
It also has peaks and mountain chains, valleys and canyons due to the irregular topography from the Tilaran Mountain Chain. It has rivers (of rapid currents), streams (permanent and seasonal) and natural lagoons.
Its territory is administrated by the Monteverde Conservational Association and extends over many heights from the 450 to 1800m above the sea level. The climate conditions and the land topography have allowed the habitat diversification and a great number of endemic species.
It is the first child international tropical forest and is located at 13km from La Tigra from San Carlos.

Bosque Eterno Los Niños
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